Last Year

In all the excitement of the holidays and New Years, I completely forgot to post an update on the Fun Club meetup we had at the end of 2012. It was quite a good one too, as we joined forced with the Berlin Haskell User Group (Berlin Hug).

What happened?

It was a while ago now. But I think I remember. Florian Hartwig kicked things off by talking to us about Haskell optimisation and performance. Laziness is a beautiful but tricky business.

Then we moved on to talking about functional data structures, with a marathon series of 3 talks.

First came Alesha Summers who explained how Santa Clause could make sure to manufacture the right sorts of toys for Christmas with the magic of regression trees. Regression trees, are a type of tree often used in data mining to categorise data. Here are Alesha’s slides from the evening.

Then came Frederic Kettelhoit, who did a good job of explaining what a functional data structure is, and talked us through the particular example of a finger tree. Here are Frederic’s slides.

Last, but not least, Joel Wright, told us all about zippers, and also managed to nicely tie the evening together by explaining how he’d benchmarked and tweaked his zipper implementation to make it performant too.  His code is here.

Link Love

Andrea Di Persio has set up a handy collaborative list of links relevant to the evening. There’s some interesting stuff in there! http://urli.st/iWP

Apologies and Thanks

Many apologies for not putting this up until now. Better late than never I guess.

And many thanks to everyone who came along, and also to Berlin HUGs for sharing with us, it was really nice to do it together :-)